Up 2007 USBA at Arnold Martial Arts Festival Slideshow

2007 USBA United States Championships at the Arnold Martial Arts Festival- March 3, 2007

Karen receiving award
Karen Smith 1
Karen Smith 2
Ken Yates
Lady breaking
Little girl breaking 2
Little girl breaking 3
Little girl breaking 4
Little girl breaking
Little girl getting ready
Lonny breaking
Male creat 2
Male creat 3
Male creat 4
Mari-jean 2
Mario 1
Mario 2
Mario receiving award
Mario receiving medal
Me talking to Zoran
Oliva receiving award 2
Oliva receiving award
Olivia receiving medal
Opening cerimonies
Raniolos student breaking 2
Raniolos student breaking 3
Raniolos student breaking
Robert Raniolo 1
Robert Raniolo 2
Women preparing
Youth female division
Braff, Francis, Cullen
COY certficates kneeling 2
COY certficates on table
COY certficates
COY jacket backs
COY jacket fronts 2
Cullen singing
Daniele and Danielle 2
Female breaker 1
Female breaker 2
Gary R receiving award
GM Trower w-award

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